The House of the Lord

Nicola Brophy

The House of the Lord is a project exploring the community around the Preston England Temple in Chorley. It features portraits and objects in an attempt to show this building, sacred to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, without explicitly showing it. This work purposely avoids going into detail with the hope of keeping that feeling of something held as holy and even a little mysterious.

Scans 6
The House of the Lord 2016 Nicola Brophy


Terra Nullius – The space of & for nothing

Kinga Piechowicz

Terra nullius – The space of & for nothing is a project looking at an ex-military airport in Poland, which had been erased from the maps of the Piła town when it was built; due to being a military location, which were very secret after the Second World War. After the airport had been closed in 2001, it had been erased from the maps yet again; generating only costs for the local council; yet it cannot be demolished and sold, due to the ex – military infrastructure still being in place on the premises. Today, nature slowly tries to reclaim her space back, and teenagers try to reclaim this space as well, as a party venue.

Terra nullis 2016 Kinga Piechowicz



Sea View

Elizabeth Ball

A series of photographs visually exploring beachside traditions. There is a sense of the real, capturing the ordinary by examining the assortment of customs and rituals. The body of work provides the viewer with an honest visual study of characters, through a series of Portraits capturing British Culture.

Criccieth Promenade. Elizabeth Ball 2016





Dad Meme’s

Marc Henry

A Portrait of My Father

This work explores  the visual interpretation and representation of my own family histories. How is information replicated and re-presented in the family context, specifically in relation to the portrayal of a family member. What can be revealed about a person by the communication of oral histories, stories and family photographs? And what can be learnt from the synthesis and distillation of these cultural ‘memes’?

4023005 moustache rev 41copy copy
Mark, Kate and Me (with dads moustache) 2016 Marc Henry





Diners of New York City

Riley Arthur

Thousands of diners once populated the five boroughs of New York City, now only 216 remain. Changing tastes, ever-increasing rent, and gentrification have forced the numbers down to roughly three hundred. Known as an international gastronomical capital, New York City is leaving little room for the uncompromisingly American diner. Many of these diners are over 40 years old and maintain their vintage interiors and facades. These fossils of a bygone era so unchanged by the decades that preceded them, are sometimes used as sets for period films.

This year two of the last standalone Manhattans diners permanently closed their doors, prompting the start of this project, four more diners in the city have closed this year. While the project acts as a living archive of a changing culinary landscape, it also aims to capture the essence of these restaurants, and the colourful patrons who have kept them alive. This is the first time someone has attempted to document all the diners of New York City.

Nevada Diner
Nevada Diner 2016 R.Arthur



The exhibition

Here are the behind the scenes
(Ducks feet underwater spring to mind)
views from the exhibitors and images from,
preparation of the XVI  MA show.

Ian Clegg – Urban Moths

This is an image from the initial stages of my ‘Moth’ project. I needed to get up close and see how they were constructed.

Betularia Limm
(Peppered moth) I. Clegg 2016

Manchester museum kindly let me run riot in the entomology section. They have millions of examples and the sheer size of the collection is daunting. Dr Phil Crispen helped with showing books and displays of common – rare and even extinct moths.

Constructing non-memory

Marc Henry

This work is concerned with reconstructing memories that are not my own. I have combined photography with sculptural pieces to explore these Family  Histories. Below is a selection of images which illustrate my  work in progress.